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XSplit Broadcaster

  • Record and broadcast your presentations to preset service providers
  • Connect to your own custom RTMP server or CDN provider
  • Mix screen capture, cameras, videos, flash and images
  • Make compositions with 3D effects, z-order and color control
  • Use text labels with static text or dynamic text from web sources
  • Change scenes with advanced and customizable transitions
  • Conduct several broadcasts in different qualities at the same time
  • Capture output sound from speakers and mix microphone input
  • Use as camera source with Skype™ or Adobe Flash™

Latest Features:    

  • 2796 - Simplified default framerate options.
  • 2795 - Simplified default resolution options.
  • 2814 - Added audio delay if using useloopback startup argument. Audio gain gets hidden in settings and gets replaced by audio delay.
  • 2851 - XSplit virtual camera now supports dynamic update of resolution.

Latest Fixes: 

  • 4497 - A/V Sync issue (including stuttering) is observed when progressive signal is used with HD PVR driver version 1.6.29353.
Note: Please update drivers to 1.7.30059. 
  • 4462 - Removed support for ultrafast preset to avoid crash due to libx264 bug. 
  • 4564 - XSplit becomes unresponsive if other streaming protocols are added as IP camera. 
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  • 4565 - "Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed." on adding IP camera.

  • 4559 - Crash on login for free user on a new install. 

  • 4557 - Baffling dialog greets new installation on each startup. 

  • 4562 - Mic volume meter does not show anything when useloopback startup argument is specified.  

  • 4553 - Certain stage resolution resets to non-default.  

  • 4549 - Cannot exit from XSplit after logging out.  

  • 4551 - Crash when adding custom resolutions.  

  • 4550 - Crash when logging in on a new machine.  

  • 4524 - Some RTSP streams no longer work.  

  • 4510 - Force Declink audio filter to use 2-channel audio when building graph.  

  • 4511 - Crash when folder is missing from installation directory.  

  • 4515 - Uninstallation destroys symlinks/junctions.  

  • 4334 - Webcam resolution & framerate settings keep resetting on startup.  
  • 2603 - Custom DirectShow settings for camera sources are not getting saved in the presentation. 

Known Issues:


  • 4579 - Hotkey delay causes unresponsive switching.
Advisory: XSplit does not work optimal in environments with multiple GPU's (AMD Crossfire). Disabling one GPU will sometimes provides better performance than retaining the dual GPU configuration. 

  • 4568 -  Audio stutter issue (machinegun-like or helicopter-sounding audio) when using useloopback startup argument is specified.  
Note: As a workaround, match the speaker's audio bitrate with the audio bitrate setting in the channel  
  • 4566 - Adding Limelight Network channel shows Custom RTMP interface.
  • 3521 - Adding XSplit Broadcaster as a camera source in MS Expression Encoder causes MSEE to crash
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  • 4527 -  Menus are unresponsive when minimizing "Delay Server" window.  
  • 4408 - XSplit downloads an old version of Adobe Flash Player.
  • 4567 - XSplit hangs with IP camera source when network cable gets unplugged


  • 4575 - When streaming, CPU starts beeping and mouse freaks out.

    Note: We think it must be a driver issue, but we still can’t pinpoint or reproduce the issue in our lab
  • 4569 - IP camera source disappears when switching scenes during while network is disabled. 
  • 4402 - In Source Property, value remains unchanged when scrolling with mouse wheel.
  • 4574 - XSplit window doesn't may not respond to mouse clicks after minimizing "Delay Server" window.
  • 4529 - useloopback startup argument causes interface issues.
  • 4295 - Multiple plugin downloads causes erractic download progress and failed hash check for Source Plugins.
  • 3547 - Clicking on chroma key's eyedrop tool button blanks/distorts primary monitor (WinXP).
  • 4226 - XSplit keeps on restarting when a stream key is invalid showing no prompt.
  • 3907 - Window slowdown/freeze when adding multiple screen region sources to scene in Windows 7 Aero mode.Note: Use "Optimize for non-motion picture" when Aero theme is enabled.
  • 4576 - Using Game Source when XSplit is set to more than 30 FPS causes huge in-game frame drops on some machine configurations
  • 4336 - Notice dialog for free users will not close when IE is missing or security is set to High.
  • 4396 - Local Recording plugin may produce unplayable files when recording target is a network drive and network connection gets interrupted during recording.
  • 3198 - Virtual Camera does not work in Google voice and video chat / Google+ Hangout
  • 4333 - Gamesource: Capturing Killing Floor via GameSource does not capture any frames
  • 4260 - Missing rate control warning when setting Quality to Not Set
  • 4132 - Pausing and starting a video file speeds up playback automatically   (For verification; may depend on DirectShow filters installed)
  • 3373 - Editing Cue Points - Accepts invalid values 

  • 4517 - Manual cropping via the slider shows strange behavior. 
  • 3510 - Source Property - Does not show up on certain multi-monitor configurations
  • 3949 - Gray artifacts in the initial x seconds of stream or recordings when using b-frames XSplit Broadcaster Cracked Full Download
  • 4398 - IE6 does not work with current interface for web and client app
  • 4402 - Source Property - Value remains unchanged when scrolling with mouse wheel
  • 3477 - Editing the currently used Resolution results in adding a new one 
  • 4294 - Using the playback slider may cause XSplit to crash on rare occasions


  • 4216 - Streaming with a width lower than 650px often hinders a fully readable streaming statistics
  • 3248 - Sources stop playing (video files, animated gifs) when user presses CTRL+ALT+DEL
  • 3959 - XSplit does not always open on the primary monitor
  • 4156 - Streaming to Justin/TwitchTV or FMS 3.5 + using low framerate (below 20) can cause constant reconnections
  • 3615 - Channel recordings are not saved when stored in a UNC path
  • 3904 - Microphone and Speaker volume interface does not show as "Disabled" when no device is present
  • 4577 - Optical audio for Hauppauge Colossus and HD PVR is not supported
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